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I've got for sale a hawkeye that is unlocked for D2 and LR3. It comes in the original box, with the OBD2 cable and the adapter dongle for LR3. It's been updated to the Version 6 software and it will come with the USB cable to update to future versions.

These usually cost over $600 from Atlantic British or DAP. (they can be purchased cheaper from ebay, but not with two unlock codes and the extra cables.)
Hawkeye Diagnostic Tool For Land Rovers (Same Fit As Genuine Part # BA5070)

The LR3 adapter costs from $100 to $150.
Hawkeye Diagnostic Black Dongle - Body Control System Management (Part # BA5080) - Land Rover diagnostics from Atlantic British

The extra unlock codes go for about $250.
Hawkeye Diagnostic Tool for Land Rovers - D.A.P.

I'm asking $600 shipped conus.
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