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HDC Failure light

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Hello. I hope someone may have a suggestion. I just purchased a used 2002 Range Rover Discovery in excellent condition, paid cash for it but not from a Land Rover dealership. When I first test drove it, I turned it on and drove around the block but then noticed the HDC TC and ABS lights were on and stayed on. It concerned me so so I asked the (Honda) salesman. He said it was a sunday so their service dept was closed. He read the manual and told me that I was turning the car on wrong.. that the key had to be in a certain position. He turned it on and all those warning lights went off when they were supposed to. I drove the car home with no issues. Last night, I turned the car on the way I thought I was supposed to and it did it again, all three lights stayed on. I waited. I did do it enough times to hear the three warning beeps and Then 20 minutes later, when I tried it again..the car turned on just fine with no lights.. I was ecstatic.. but alas.. today, it did it again but there is never the three warning beeps. IM waiting for a return call from a certified land rover mechanic however, I am wondering, am I doing something wrong when I turn the car on or.. is there an issue with the HDC fading out and I may have found the reason why the last owner traded it in?? Any feedback would be appreciated.:)
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Look up 3 amigos.. That may be of some help for you.
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