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I have an '03 Disco II in the bad serial number range with 110K miles on the clock. I am getting ready to do a head gasket replacement. I haven't decided where to tackle myself or have done.

Fortunately the leak is to the outside, and I am getting no oil contamination, and loosing very little coolant. The temp has not been out of the middle, even with the air running and ambient at 92* F. I changed oil shortly after purchase, and in 1500 miles I have used a little over a quart.

I am thinking that while the engine is that far torn down, I should replace the oil pump. Once warm, the oil pressure light stays off above 1000 rpm.

The question is, should I replace the pump parts or the complete front cover? Big difference in price of part, not much difference in labor whether mine or someone else's--maybe more I guess for doing just the pump?

Any other advice greatly appreciated.

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The pump is a gear type integral to the cover. If its bad, chances are the cover is shot as well. You'll know when you get it apart. I'd wait till then before buying a new cover $$. Also, don't forget to pack it w/ vaseline to help it prime on restart. Good luck :smile
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