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Runs hotter than normal
Loss of power
sounds like a V8 with free flows (even while it is still a 4 cyl)
Suckking noise from your exshaust (If the gasket went between two pistons then the enjin would suck air into the exshaust when the one piston is on the down wards stroke and the other piston on the Exshaust stroke. in 4 cyl pertol enjins this commonly happen between the nrs. 2 & 3 Pistons)
Loss of compression (Do a compression test.)

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thanks i was told by the people i purchased it from 4 months ago ,(i'm now one month out of the warrenty :mad: ) that after i told them my problems which are as follows ,if i'm idleing the heaters blow out cold air but as soon as depress the throtle up to 1.500 / 2.000 rev's the heaters get hot, i first changed the thermostate,then a new water pump which solved the problem and the heaters seemed to work fine for a week or two but he same problem as returned with slightest amount of coolant lose, their answer to this is that its the headgasket,they say its common for the TD5 to react this when the gasket as gone , but theres no sign of oil in warer or water in oil no lose of power no overheating and plenty of power :bawling: :drive:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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