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Awhile back, I posted a thread about "restoring" my DII. Got some good responses - put the project on the shelf.

I've decided that a "Restoration Lite" is in order (less calories, same great taste).

Pulled the headliner board - surprisingly easy. Put all the seats down and with just a little bend, it came right out. Foam is completely shot. I'm considering pressure washing to remove what foam remains. (Just a few rubs with the hand and down to bare board.) Not sure if I'll try to recover myself or have local shop do it - but I imagine the majority of the cost is time/labor to remove and reinstall. Thoughts? Pressure washer bad idea?

Sun(water) Roofs - 1 of the four nipples were broken, all of the seam sealant between the plastic drains and the metal pan were bad. JB Welded those damn things - no more leaks. BTW, if anyone has any broken nipples - I found a cheap, easy fix. Bought a 3-way 3/8" barbed nylon tubing connector, cut off one if the connectors, held it in place with a Q-Tip and coated, then re-coated with more JB. The actual "drain space" is very narrow, be careful not to get any epoxy in the hole. Also - used my compressor to blow out the channels and tubes.

Seats - basically in great shape, but the Old Goat's main function is to pull our boat, and dive/fish/snorkel. Can anyone recommend a tight-fitting seat cover (front and back)? Water resistance and ease of cleaning is my mail goal - wet bathing suits, sunblock and lots of sand.

I guess that's it for now - JUST turned 90k, looking over Mike's list to keep her happy and healthy.


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