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Not sure what you Aussies and Europeans call it - I'm referring to the cloth and foam covered hardboard piece that serves as the "ceiling" of the car; the nicely padded cloth piece above your head...

Anyway, I took the car in just yesterday to have the windshield replaced, due to a stone chip and eventual cracking. When I picked up the car, I took a good look at the work. From the inside of the car, looking straight up at the top edge of the windshield, I was surprised to see the unfinished edge of the headliner. There was the rough cut edge of the cloth, the foam, and the underlying hardboard.

I called this to the attention of the technician who did the R&R, thinking that perhaps he's forgotten to re-install a piece of trim. He said "no", that's the way it was. Well, from the outside you can't see it, because of the black edging painted on the windshield. From the inside, sitting in a front seat, you can't see it, because this unfinished edge is away from you. But put your head on the dashboard and look straight up, and there it is.

I had to admit that I did not recall there being a trim piece. And there were no marks on the headliner edge indicating a trim piece had been there. But it sure seems unlike Land Rover, to me, to leave something as coarse as that in an uncovered, unfinished, untrimmed condition.

What does the leading edge of your Freelander headliner look like? :dunno:
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