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Could be a couple things.
Make sure they are plugged in first. If anyone worked on it once and forgot to plug it back in, you may be in luck.

Check those fuses.

Thirdly you may have a bad heater. It is common that a wire gets broken in the seat and the heater no longer works. You will need to replace the heating element, not too much fun, as the seat needs to be removed from the Rover and tore down to repair or live with it.

My driver side doesn't work and I'm just gonna live with it.

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Why they get broke

They usually break if you put your knee on the seat to support your wieght, like if you are trying to get something in the back. Yes they are a pain to fix and can be expensive too!.. I find a nice set of sheepskin seat covers from costco keep the seats warm in the winter and cool in the summer..

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