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heated windshield

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I just bought my 99 disco ii with the heated windshield. I'm not sure if it is working, but I don't really know what to expect out of it. This morning there was a fine dusting of snow and a few little ice spots. The front windshield didn't get rid of it by the window heater while the rear defroster took care of it self. The light on the switch turns on. Any info is appreciated, thanks

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mine does the same thing nothing that is. the lite is lit but it doesnt seem to do anything lenny 2001 disco
Wow, mine works wonders, seriously.

Might be worth getting it checked out. Not only does it help control the fog, but melts all the ice off the windshield, keeping the wipers free of the icy mess. Now... if we could only have a heated steering wheel like our Audi A6...
Working or not working,Landy is the question !

A good Ohm meter will tell you right away. (even a small 12v. bulb connected to the frame - and to the hot wire +)
Even if the light is on your heater knob, that does not mean that the power is reaching your heating element. locate the + wire and check. :wave:
power lead...

so you don't know where the power lead is i take it? probably way under the dash???
02disco2, when you press the heated windshield button do you hear a relay or something click? If you could check that i'd appreciate it. I just don't think mine is doing anything.

I don't here one click on the windshield, but I do here one click on the rear defrost. It sounds like it's coming from behind the fuse box below the steering wheel. I looked through my fuse block while I was down there and didn't find any bad ones. I only checked the 20 amp and greater though.

It seem my works only in sections. Could there be a problem with the filiments in the windshield?
Jesse, it's nice to see another Minnesotan here! I here a faint click when I click the heated windshield button, and the same click when I click the rear defrost. I tried to isolate where the sound came from but it was tough to do, It almost sounded like it was coming from the switch directly.. hmmm...

I'll have to take a look at my RAVE disk to see where the wiring is layed out. If you don't have one of these, I suggest you purchase one ASAP off of eBay for around $30. Best thing you could buy, seeing the the nearest LR dealer to you has recently moved from Eden Prairie to Downtown Jaguar, Lotus, Land Rover in Minneapolis. I also assume that you are way out of warranty anyway.

Relay R8 is for the Heated Front Windscreen (HFS), this is located in the engine compartment fuse box. (third one up on the right side I believe) Also, Fuse number FL1 (150amp rating) handles all fusable links 4,5,6, and 7, Fuses 3,4,5, and 6 of the engine compartment fuse box, and the HFS relay. This is also located under the hood in the same engine compartment fuse box as the relay that I mentioned previously. I doubt the fuse is bad because it handles a lot of your electrical on the vehicle. If it were out, you'd have a serious problem on your hands.

I tried to copy over the actual schematics but I do not have the ability to copy the PDF file... :(

I hope this helps.

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Forgot to mention, being in Minnesota, your insurance company is required to have glass replacement on your insured vehicle. I have had several windscreens replaced and they do not affect your rates. Perhaps you need a new windscreen. I can't imagine that it would be cheap to replace, so next time you get a rock chip or crack, might be worth getting a new one fitted.

Might just solve all your problems! Also, check out that relay.

BTW, be really picky in who does your windscreen replacement. REALLY PICKY and demand OEM glass. Harman Autoglass f'ed up my last Audi S4 really bad when they cut out my last windscreen and really screwed up my interior and caused certain parts of my vehicle to rust. (Since they removed paint in the process)... Sold that car quickly there after.
thank you very much for that wealth of information. I'll check those things out. I'll look at picking up a RAVE cd too.
HFS power leads found!!!!

okay, i just got back from the garage... I found the relay and the fuses, they all looked fine. I also saw two wires, purple and black that head up to the windscreen. One set on each side. I assumed this was for the HFS, and I was right. with the switch off, no power, with the switch on 12V of power. So if my HFS isn't working right it's the window. I'll assume i'm asking too much of it. It probably just takes it longer when it's only 10 degrees outside.

There is a little rock chip in the middle of the window, about the size of a quarter. do insurance companies care if it was there when i bought the vehicle? 02disco2, who would you recommend to do the glass work?
By the time I have scraped the frost from the side and rear windows, the front screen will clear using the wipers alone. This is at about -5 deg C. with engine running and vents set to defrost.
I am not sure who you should use up where you are located, I guess all I meant by that was sometmes it pays to find the people who do the job right the first time. Just make sure they use OEM glass, do not settle for the cheap aftermarket glass that they like to use to make the most profit from the insurance company.

If you didn't mention the chip to your insurance company prior to purchasing it, I doubt they would care. Tough to prove when you had the chip occure ;)

If they want to just fill the chip, just tell them that is had rendered your heated windshield useless, so you'll need a replacement.

It takes a few minutes to get the heat running in the windscreen. Longer than the rear defrost. Mine has worked wonders even at -30F in Fargo, ND last year. Actaully, it did hit -43F when I was there for the week, with wind chills down to -55F. The funny thing is, the disco can only read temps down to -22F.. very strange.
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