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melcow said:
need getting heater hot..been replace radiator and themsator too.still cold??
any suggest?
Try replacing the Thermostatic adjusment housing. Its the unit in front of your thermostat housing that your coolant lever release cable that runs to the side dash mounted levers run to. Are the pipes getting hot when at running temp past the unit??/Are the hoses at the heater matrix/heater box hot?Is your fan in the heater box operating??? :dunno: :wave:

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HI ya
I looked at your other posts you say your blower in the heater box is working so i would look at the tap for the flow to your heater as series 3 guy posted feel your pipes to the heater if there not warm when the rest of the water pipes are move the tap manual with a pair of pliers as its a common problem for the cable to rust up in its sleve as mine has so it dose nothing when moved in the cab!
Let us know if it works?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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