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Hella 500 lights

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I just bought a pair of Hella 500 driving lights. I have them hooked up as per what the directions indicate, but I have my new lights hooked in to the fog lights. But the new lights will not work! The directions say to hook the lights to the high beam lights. I want to know can I hook my Hella lights to my fog lights? Or can I hook them in with my regular driving lights? I do not want to hook the new lights in to the high beams because I do not use my high beams much. Also is there only one wire that hooks the Hellas into the other lights. Last note I do not have the switch hooked up. I want the Hella lights to come on when I turn on the fog lights
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Adam in NYC USA said:
Before I started to hack into the rewiring of the 500 to the foglight circuit, I checked into the local Vehicle and Traffic Laws.


Can only wire the driving lights to the high beams. If you want you, you can do it but you may get stopped for it or in my case, if I get stopped for doing something else. It aint California (where the California Highway Patrol get anal) but I am a tri-state kind of guy.

I litterally just got my Hella 500 box in the mail an hr before I read this. I'm in Cali(porn)ia I live out in a rural area but commute to the city daily. I was wondering why wouldn't I be able to connect to my fog lights. the hella kit has it's own indepentant switch. Is it possible to tap into the fog lights and the high beams this way It would work even if I put my high beams on?

BIRD said:
I do not think you can wire the hellas into the high beams and fog lights at the same time. You might want to use the switch that came with your lights. I like my hellas wired to the fog lights my self.
Is there a wire I can tap into so that I can switch them independantly from the hi or low beams in general..
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