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Hella 500 lights

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I just bought a pair of Hella 500 driving lights. I have them hooked up as per what the directions indicate, but I have my new lights hooked in to the fog lights. But the new lights will not work! The directions say to hook the lights to the high beam lights. I want to know can I hook my Hella lights to my fog lights? Or can I hook them in with my regular driving lights? I do not want to hook the new lights in to the high beams because I do not use my high beams much. Also is there only one wire that hooks the Hellas into the other lights. Last note I do not have the switch hooked up. I want the Hella lights to come on when I turn on the fog lights
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I may be missing it altogether, but I don't see any advantage to having your DRIVING lamps coming on with your FOG lamps. What will you do when you drive in fog? LRW
I use my 500 drivers for seeing the wildlife far enough ahead to avoid impact. They really do have the sharp pencil beam that will illuminate the road ahead, in most cases farther than you are able to see. I wired mine into the high beams, with the hella switch located in the accessory location on the dash to the left of the steering wheel (by the mirror adjuster). Great lamps for what they do, I just suffer in the fog, as I have no fog lamps. LRW
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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