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I am delighted to join the Rover Lovers forum. I live in Phoenix and a great enthusiast of land Rovers. I learnt to drive on a 50's Land Rover in India sometime around 1962. I was only 10 years old when I first learnt to drive. At age 14 I was driving the Land Rover regularly and expertly on all our "Shikaar" (hunting) expeditions in the lush virgin forests of Central India. When the movie Hatari was released it was even more interesting as we had those seats welded on the front fenders.
Bought m first Rover in 1979 when I was living in Dubai. Never can forget the way it rode over the sand dunes majestically floating and never stopping.
When we moved to the States in 1985 there were no Range Rovers available hence settled on buying a CJ7 untill my son in the mid 90's bought a 1988 Rover. Immense issues but by the time we sorted all out we sold it through frustration.
Recently came across this 87 Classic Rover which was rust free and decent condition inside out and bought it to enjoy and restore gradually. I am now selling it as my son got a 1993 county one owner in impeccable condition and prefers to keep that one as it needs nothing. Would sell to a Rover enthusiast who would take it back to old glory.


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