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Hello from Indiana

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Just got back into the Rover world after many years away. I had a couple Disco 1's when we lived in Erie PA but got away from the scene around 2006. Just bought a decent 1997 Discovery 1 SD, dark blue with tan(dirty) cloth interior. Only option is the factory wrap around brush guard. I have a few things to deal with, check engine light is on, will pull codes on the next lab night at school (working on becoming ASE auto mechanic) and the ABS light is on. The ABS doesnt concern me to much, brakes work great. I do want to see that the MIL light is on for, runs good but can be hard starting when hot. But not every time I start it, some times it fires right up, other times it takes a couple tries and it sort of struggles to life. Runs smooth, idles smooth both hot and cold. Already deal with a couple bad grounds, passenger side head light and drivers side tail light had a loose connection on the brake light. One rear side marker light has a busted lense, neither work and the red markers in the bumper arent working either. I kept my spare fog light set up, but I need an air dam for the factory fogs. We dont off road and get lots of fog so I want to get them installed asap. I put my huge SEV Marchal 950 lamps on the brush guard till I can find a proper set of round driving lamps. I should have kept the Safari 5000's off my last Disco!! My wife and I now live in Kokomo, IN, which is where I grew up from about 5yrs old onwards. I am originaly from Maine and my mother still lives there. I enjoy G scale Live Steam trains in my garden and restoring older IH Cub Cadet garden tractors. We sold off the last Disco due to lots of sensor issues related to engine spark and at the time I didnt know how to deal with it. Now I ride a motorcycle in the warmer months so if the Disco has issues, its not a huge deal. And I can just take it to the shop to deal with it. I do want to solve the hot starting issue. Hopefully when I pull the codes it will give some insight to why its having this issue. I gave $1700 for it, brand new Firestone Destination AT's on it. Pics when the digi cam battery recharges. Cheers Mike and Michele T
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Here are a couple pics of my Rover. Still in a quandry on which fog lamps to put in the spoiler, factory with plastic lenses or the Hella pair with glass lenses that I have up for sale unless I use them. Obviously I will have to make some brackets to mount the Hella pair in the spoiler. I dont really want them hung infront of it. I can make cut outs, I would have to for either set of lamps as I dont have the spoiler with the openings for lights. The Marchal lamps, which are fog pattern, on the brush guard are temporary till I get some 8" round lamps. Mike

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Welcome art , I just live down the road in Noblesville , I have a 01 d2
Thank you for the welcome, starting to wonder if this place was dead. I go thru Noblesville atleast once a week. My friend Steve and I go down to Hobbytown for our RC car and model train needs, as well as going over to Zionsville to Watts Train and Tree farm. I got my factory fog lamps mounted in the spoiler today, clearned a path into the garage part way so I could work out of the rain. Our Honda 250cc maxi scooters take up the garage during the warm months. My wife has a 2003 Monte Carlo Jeff Gorden edition, she is obviously a huge JG fan. Now I just need a pair of Wipac 4x4 8" spot lamps for my brush guard. As money permits, I will get a new passenger rear marker light, rear lamp guards, replace the missing front mud flaps ect. Cheers Mike and Michele T
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