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I am new to the forum. I am currently in Indianapolis, however will be moving next year to Fort Wayne, IN. Luckily I have come across PTSchram (LR guru) on the Fort Wayne Land Rover site and am looking forward to meeting him.

I am excited about diving head first into older Land Rovers. We frequent Costa Rica and that is where I first discovered the Defender. WOW, what a beauty. I am open minded at this point about what kind of Land Rover I want to get, but honestly I think I am sold on a Defender. Since I have 3 kids I figure that a 110 is probably the way to go for space purposes. I ultimately want to use it as an everyday driver too. I would love to teach my boy how to work on a truck and this community appears exceptional. I am curious is there any kind of resource showing the different specs on the defenders by year so I can compare and contrast the different models? Any advice would be great! I am not quite sure how I want to buy one yet either. Having one imported sounds attractive, but complicated, any advice there would be great too. In my perfect scenario I would like something I can drive daily, but something the boy and I can completely refurbish.

Thanks for any advice!

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