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hello all

im new to this site and to owning a landy so please be gentel.

i have just got my gruby hands on a 1981 seris lll swb 2.25 diesel.
(my dream vehical :D :D )
it went in for an mot 2 mounths ago and passed on every thing exceped the chassis, so me being me i got it. with no idea as to where to get a cheep chassi and not a lot of an idea of how to fit it.

i hav worked on lots of engins and gearboxes from lots of types of cars but never some thing like this. and i have a good bit of practis at body work and welding and i have built several offroad buggys from scafhold bars and lawnmower engings. so i have the skils and tools just not the knolege.
can anyone help with links or info on where to get stuff


ps ..sorry about the spelling im dyslexic
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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