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So I have owned my 95 RRC since 2003. One of my daughters drove it through HS and College. For the past two years, it has kind of sat idle. I would occasionally take it out for a drive. It is worn, showing its age, and simply has issues. For the past decade, I have been restoring Porsches, and have completed my 71 911 and about 90% done on my 88 928. Now I want to turn my attention to the rover. That is the main reason I joined this board. Will be looking for collective wisdom.

I had some help me with the 911. I used the rennlist board for the 928, and those folks are incredible. Hope to find a similar experience here.

So the good news is about 98% of the rover is there, and body is in pretty good shape. Driving it the rover the other day, i looked at my temp gauge, and it was pegged. I turned on the heat full blast, and got it home, but I did have a boil over. :frown:eek

I plan to do my diagnostics on the engine with compression test, leak down and then pressurize the block. If the block is bad, I have a huge decision to make. So look for me in the rover classic boards. Hopefully doing this post will let me post in other. thanks -- rr
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