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I want to send out a huge thank you to all the have helped me through the process of my first real do it myself repair. I've never done more than an oil change but with the help of The infamous Disco Mike and others I was a able to successfully replace my water pump, thermostat (with the upgrade), viscous clutch, and replace the dexcool with Peak. Yes, simple stuff for most of you but for me this was huge undertaking. I learned a great deal and saved a bunch of money in labor costs along the way. I also purchased the right replacement parts thanks to Mike. And for those who helped me out by recommending the hylomar and the the permashield equivalent, I can't thank you enough. It worked great!!

I'm no kid, but am recieving a great education from you all while learning how to do my own repairs on my new to me disco. Thanks for being patient with my stupid and uneducated questions. I am actually really excited about learning all this stuff and I really appreciate the help. A big thank you in advance to the future stupid ass questions I'm sure ill post in the future.

Thanks again!! There is nothing quite like fixing your own car. Most of you are used to this. First time feeling for me. I'm at the point in my life where I can afford to have the work done. But it is so satisfying to do it myself and learn something along the way. :buttrock::drink1::beer:
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