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HELP Changing Transmission & Differential Fluid 2009 Range Rover Sport

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I own a 2009 Range Rover Sport with 75K miles and am having my mechanics change the transmission fluid, transfer case fluid and the differential fluids (Front & Rear). I have the electronic locking rear differential.

I found transmission fluid that was "equivalent" to Esso LT71141 & ATF1. It is made by Febi Bilstein. Anyone ever used this or know anything about them?

Secondly I found some fluids for the Differentials made by Land Rover
Part # LRN7591G ($20 per quart). Is this for my front differential?

They also make an electronic rear locking differential fluid (LR019727G) that is $47 per quart. And I am assuming I need that for the rear.

Can someone please tell me if I am correct on these fluids and how many quarts I will need? Will I need to replace any gaskets, drain plugs, or anything like that when doing the work?

First time doing any of this service and want to have the parts ready to go for them to do the work. Thanks for your time! - Josh
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I've never heard of the tranny fluid you mentioned. I've only heard of people using ZF Lifeguard tranny fluid, the stuff made by the maker of the tranny.

The diff fluids are correct.

You'll need a new tranny pan if you're wanting to do it right and change the filter. The tranny filter is built into the plastic pan so the whole thing gets replaced. The engine has to be removed from one of the mounts and lifted slightly in order to get the tranny pan off and the new one back on. Just make sure your mechanic knows what he/she is doing.

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