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Well, my son and I are on home stretch on our project rebuilding a D2 4.6 engine from the bottom up with new top hate sleeves.

The engine went in amazingly easily, though now getting everything back on it has proven a bit more challenging.

My brother (it's his house where we are doing the work) did all of the accessory and intake removal before we got there, and he is not very good at documentation so there has been a lot of trial-and-error on what goes where.

For example, we completely bolted down the bell housing before we realized that the connector brackets for the pre-cat O2 sensors were attached using the bell housing bolts. Ugh.

We are about ready to put the motor mounts back on (after which there is effectively no access between the engine and firewall), and all that remains is getting the purge valve/solenoid valve bracket mounted in the right place and connecting it.

Does anyone know where this bracket mounts -- bell housing, cylinder head, somewhere else, left or right side -- and where the connectors come from?

Right now the only "unattached" connector I have at the rear of the engine is a male 3 prong orange-black connector that looks just like the ones used by the front O2 sensors, both of which are connected.

Does this connector go on either the purge valve or solenoid valve? If so, which one?

I know that one of the valves takes the same type of connector that he coil pack/injectors/water and oil temps sensors take, and I have a bunch of them still uncommitted on the front of the intake. Does one of these double back to one of the valves.

We can't drop the engine onto the motor mounts til we figure this out, so any advice/guidance/pictures/etc would be most appreciated.

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The SAI valve & purge valve mount on the driver's side of the upper intake manifold. The bracket is fixed using 2 small bolts immediately adjacent to the dipstick tube. Here's a rough idea.

The orange/black connector you're talking about sounds like the CKP (crank position sensor) plug. The lead from the CKP itself is held on to the driver's side head with a bracket.

The ignition coil plugs are black (with metal retaining clip) and are part of the fuel injector harness. There's one on either side of the engine. You can't really mess it up they're too short to go anywhere else.

The IAC (Intake Air Control) valve connects using a LARGE gray plug (with metal retaining clip). The plug itself has a pair of "ribs" where the wires enter to distinguish it.

The SAI valve connects using a small gray plug (with metal retaining clip). It's quite a bit smaller than the IAC plug so you can't confuse them.

The purge valve connects using a small black plug (with metal retaining clip). The lead is too short to reach all the way back to the SAI valve so you can't confuse them.

Here's a quick look at the back of the engine to give you a better idea of some of the connectors:

You can see the coil connections near the rear of the fuel rail and you can see the plug for the IAC valve resting on the dipstick tube.
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