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59 plate discovery 3
Suspension fault - suspension intermittently works - so we changed the suspension ... BRILLIANT... argh No

so since repair the suspension, The truck drives lovely until ... it randomly goes into 3rd gear looses all power and comes up with * engine fault and *HDC fault ???? I feel like I have fixed one problem to start another.Once pulled over to turn the engine off and back on all errors are cleared, this can happen 2 mins back on the journey or not again until the next day. At its worst it happens 6x until parked up and fine the next day 馃檲 anyone else had this issue and please please please tell me what it is ?
GARAGES - see you in a LR and automatically think oh yes she has 5K to spend fixing issues that arnt actually there 馃槼

very disco
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inspect your TCM for water ingress. it's behind the battery, stacked in front of the ECM. common place for water to get in and cause funky behavior.

you'll have to remove the battery and a plastic shroud, and you'll see it.
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