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HELP ME PLEASE, 1995 Discovery I Blower problems...

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So, I have what may or may not be the classic blower problem. Over a period of a week or two, my blower would stop, and start again all on its own. So here is everything I've done. First of all, I took out the controller, removed the fan speed switch, cleaned and inspected it. I put it back in, and nothing. While it was out, I inspected all wiring and harness connectors and they look great. So, I scratched my head a bit, came on the forum, and learned how the fuse box can get a bit shady around the blower fuse. I checked for power and it was all good. 12.4VDC solid. Pulled the relay, took the cover off, and that looked good too. So I wondered if the blower was bad, hooked it up to a 12 volt power supply, and it purred like a kitten. So I started combing my rover over with a fine tooth comb. Engine fuse block looks great, all wiring, harnesses and connectors look good, and I looked at the resistor, (with doubt because if it was that- at least I would have high speed). I started to pull the fuse block, as I got about two thirds done, I was afraid I was going to break it, so I reassembeled it, and put it all back. I don't get it. I have power everywhere, I've replaced the relay, blower is good, relay is good, switch is good, and both fuse boxes appear good. Then I got the genious idea of looking at the relay. I remembered having power at the relay, so I rechecked and sure enough, plenty of voltage. So, I then jumpered the connector that the relay goes into, and boom, it worked! So I popped the cover off the relay, and manualy closed the relay, and again I have a working blower, and all 4 speeds of the blower work! Let go of the relay, and it stops working! I tried the same on the old relay, and again, only works when manually closing it. I'm lost! Any input would be great! I thought I went over all this pretty good, but obviously, I'm missing something! Please help! I've also scrutinized every manual and trouble shooting book I can find!
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The number one suspect will be the control panel, I have seen dozens of them fail at the LR dealer I'm at. next time it fails tap on the switch a bit and see it starts up again. Also, make sure you are using a test light with an old fashioned bulb, if you have an LED test light(or a DVOM) that could lead you astray, it does not take nearly as much power to light an LED as it does an bulb. You may have voltage, (pressure)but no amps(flow)
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