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Help! Mounting rock sliders

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I need some help team. I have come to own some lightly used (no scratch or dent, just surface rust) Safari Guard rock sliders from my wonderful mechanic for a steal ($125). Safari guard's direction calls for a "rivnut gun" or something to that effect. Obviously I do not have that. Also there are a lot more holes on the sliders than on my truck. So my question is the best way to mount without gun? Do I drill holes to use them all? Or if anyone has done this themselves before I can use all the advice I can get and it would be greatly appreciated.

HELP!!!!!!!!!! :drink1:
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rivnuts sometimes require holes to be drilled but you can not use them. Its just a pain. And alot of time you have to use them or otherwise nothing will really stay put or you can get a nut behind it.

If you dont have one and more then likely a mechanic wont have one unless he installs alot of them I would suggest going to a body shop. They may actually have them and wont charge you too much to install some.
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