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Hi all,

I have a defender 90 and would like to put some spots on top. I have a roof rack but the gap at the front between the two horizontal bars which make up the top and bottom of the rack isn't big enough to fit the lamps in (they are 150w KC daylighters) and I don't just want to bolt them on top right up in the air. There is a big enough space in front of the roof rack to put some kind of mounting bar, but I don't know where to get one. Does anyone have any idea? I originally thought of putting one of those roof bars which fit into the gutters in front but the mounting thread on the lamp isn't long enough to pass through the bar so any mounting I use could only be about 3/4 inch thick.

Any ideas on how to mount these would be greatly appreciated.


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if u want u can weld a steel plate .and drill a hole in it to mount the lights... u can weld the plate on the lower bar pointing straight ahead..
it would help if u can post a pic of the rack..and we may be able to give u better ideas.
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