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Never owned a Land Rover

Hi Harpone1,

Never owned a Land Rover? Can you afford a 03 Disco? This is a very hard question to answer not knowing your situation. Any car can be expensive if your budget doesn't allow you to cover normal running costs. What sort of car did you have before? If it was a small sedan then the running costs will be different. Fuel, tyres and insurance will be more.

However if your Disco is in good condition and you service it correctly, you should get value for money. Talk to a number of owners that own the same type of vehicle to get an idea of what it costs to run a Disco in your country.

I am running an earlier model and have covered 130,000 kms. without any major expenses. Everyone should own a Land Rover sometime in their life, go for it and have fun.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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