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Please Help, on turn signals and Hazard Lights

95 Discovery-something under the dash smoked while the engine was running with the Hazard lights on. Now I DO NOT have turn signals or Hazard signals. I’m very experienced in electrical, yet I’m stumped! I’ve checked the fuse, flasher, and emerg. hazard button as well as all the wiring I can see. I’ve visually checked any relays that I could find hoping to find one burnt. (Are there relays in this circuit?) Nothing! No diagram to go by!! What the heck have I missed? What usually burns out in this circuit? HELP!!!!

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I had a problem with a single flasher socket that burned out and caused major havoc. Some folks on this forum helped me sort it out.

Use a volt meter and make sure that you have 12V at each end of your turn signal system. That is, with the hazrrds on remove each bulb one at a time and check the voltage. This will help isolate the short in the system. If you get 12V at all four ends then you know the problem is elsewehere like under the dash. To isolate that you will need a wiring diagram and a whole lot of free time.

Might be worth paying a "stealer" to look into it for you.

Thoughts any one?
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