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Hey guys I'd appreciate if any one could help me out here I'd like to remove my 2008 land rover lr2s dashboard iv tryed but seems like I'm missing some screws or something !dose and one have some steps that could help me out or some sort of diagram plz and thanks I'd advance

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I had to really get in to my vehicle a year or two ago in order to install my tow bar and driving lights. Turns out, you can get a one hour, one day, one week, or one month subscription to the complete technical repair manual and other documents here:

Go to the site above and then:
1) Click "register" in the lower right-hand corner.
2) Accept Terms and Conditions
3) Once you register, get to your home page, and input your vehicle,
4) Click on "Documents" in the upper-right hand corner
5) Click on "Workshop Manual" on the left-hand side
6) Click "OK" to go to subscription page
7) Choose which documents and for how long you want them. For example:

For my 2008 LR2, access to the whole repair manual for my year/model only is:

8) Pay up and enjoy the access to the big 'ol techinal manual!

A great resource! I got the one hour pass and took REALLY REALLY good notes! Good luck!!! PS, I believe I found this through site but can't remember.

Let me know what you find and if this works for you.

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