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As always it started out a hesitation and now it is a 5mph max vehicle. It demonstrates a lean fuel situation and so I went thru the fuel system. Filter, pump and scrubbed out the tank. (It was contaminated) I put in a non standard pump and had a bad day. Then I got the right on and the thing ran like new. Better than it ever had. Drove a couple of short trips and then the first time on the highway after about 8 miles it did it again. Died. Then it restarts no problem but will not accelerate past 1500 rpm. It goes nuts if you try to feather it and simply refuses to take fuel. Pops, stumbles, dies.... It will drive at an idle or slightly over and has moments when it wants to go, like something clears for a second, but in general no go.
This is fairly close to the first non standard pump experiment. It worked great for a minute.
After it failed the first time I pulled out the spark plugs and they were all fouled. Black and wet with fuel. So I am now suspecting an intermittent ignition failure of some sort. Vehicle speed sensor? Cam sensor? Crank? Hell, I don't even know how to test these things properly but will learn.
I walked 8 miles last night. Mainly because I was mad. I mean, it ran so good and I felt like such a hero....
I need to fix this thing now or I may lose it. And I really like the truck. It has been good to me and can 4 wheel like crazy.
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