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Help....weird door lock problem

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When I lock or unlock the vehicle with my key fob, only the rear doors will lock or unlock. When I manually unlock the driver's door, the front passenger door won't unlock, etc.

Anyone know what it is. I don't think it is the BECM, because no other problems. I know it could be a door actuator, but would both sides fail at the same time, or would the failure on the drivers door actuator cause the front passenger door not to work?
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When it is colder my driver's side door actuator fails to lock. When press the fob the locks "bounce" meaning lock and then unlock. I can lock them manually with the key but I have to lock the driver's door. If I try it on the passenger side the driver's door does not lock.

Then I press the fob and the alarm is active then.
My guess is it is one of the door "Outstations" located behind the door panels. They need relatively precise voltages to work properly. Take the door panel off, and unplug / plug in the main power clip on the outstation. The door should lock or unlock depending upon if the actual button is up or down. Push that around, and work the power clip a few times. Chances are it will respond.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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