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:help Gents, :help
First please let me congratulate you on your site its brilliant and
informative, but I have a real puzzle with a RRC I have found. I would really appreciate your expert help/advice.

I have found a stunning ''94 Vogue LSE in great condition and
reasonably well priced. It was a 4.2 EFI and has been converted.

The Car VIN and history stacks up, the only problem is the Engine conversion.

The owner says he put a Disco 300tdi 2495 cc into it.
From the photos of the block and description it is correct however the
engine number is wrong, I think it should be a 23J - xxxxx

He has it fully registered as 19L - 13908B, I cannot find any Landrover engines taht start with 19L, a 19J would be a 200tdi from a defender.

Is it possible to hybrid a 300tdi top on to a 200tdi bottom? or did
they change the 200tdi engine cover etc in later years.
My thinking is it could be ex-military engine as its in Sabah (Borneo/Malaysia)

I have a friends mech going over for a good look before I do anything
stupid, but at this stage willing to take a risk given her condition.

She is beautiful and I want her but I will buy blind and don't help want a turkey!
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