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help with radio problems

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Thanks in advance for reading and responding. I have seen this question before but not consistent replies. I just bought a 05 RR HSE. on the test drive, the radio stopped working. I took it to a RR dealer and they could not find the source but suggested replacement with aftermarket. Here comes my questions:
1. Anyone have a solution to this radio problem (cuts on and off all the time..looks like it is trying to start the CD changer) I have seen most responses about water in the back. Mine looks very dry.
2. If I change it out to aftermarket, can I still use steering wheel controls? Will I still have nav. system? will I be upgrading to mp3, etc....?( Obviously, I know very little about these things)
3. While I have been anticipating these fixes, I have noticed my screen will stay on after the car is off and locked. One dead battery so far (jumpable thankfully)
I am worried there is a bigger electronic issue that replacing with an aftermarket sound/nav system won't solve. Any Advise?
Thank you!
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Your last point about it staying on is the heart of the mystery. All the LR stereos have an odd relationship with their cd changers. The changers are in loop with the head units. Check the connections at the changer. If you do decide to replace, I would grab another factory unit off ebay. Hate to see a Range Rover interior get messed up with aftermarket stuff. If you do go aftermarket, I suggest using They can also provide wiring adapter that will plug right into the factory harness and retain steering wheel controls.
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