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Well I just got a 2004 disco SE and I love it! However, it is truly a virgin(white and all). :D

I want to put some accessories on it and stuff but its so intimidating trying to find something you like. There are tons of companies on the net and you dont know if they are quality or reputable.

Ive decided I want to do the following to my truck over the next year or so..(depending on how fast I aquire some more funds):

1-2" Lift
Front Grill Guard w/ lights
Rear brush guards
Mud Tires
Hood Blackout (I know who to get that from)
Nerf bars (not running boards)

and probably a few other things..

The problem is that Im new to this world and I dont know whats best or who is best to buy from.

If any of you guys could give some links of reputable companies with good accessories, or if you have any suggestions on a particular accessory that can be delivered in the USA, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for any help, panzer.

( PS. I really like the way ibjettin's truck looks in the gallery, and would only add a grill guard or a-bar to the front.)

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If you're going to take it offroading skip the front grill guard and the nerf bars.. go with a new winch bumper and rocksliders.. will probably be about the same in price..

If you do feel like you're going to be getting heavy into offroad, then when you go do a mod, do it to the extreme.. go for the rovertym bumper, go for the 3" lift vs. the 2" .. because from what i've learned, you'll end up doing everything twice!

Check out some sites like and

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I guess the real question is what are you going to use your truck for?? Here are some basic and arguably popular upgrades people do to their trucks:

  • OME lift (2"). Easy to install, no need to worry about messing with driveline, etc. This will allow you to fit larger tires, most popular being the 265/75/16 (about 32", depending on the model).
  • Armor: Rock Sliders, Front/Rear diff guards - it's a nice new truck ;)
  • New Front Bumper: to have solid recovery points, auxiliary light area, winch mounting area. TJM and ARB make bumpers specifically for your truck, and they don't look too wacky when your wife has to drive the truck to the mall :moon:
  • Some good recovery gear (rear shackle, straps, J.A.T.E. rings). WARN has a good "all-in-one" recovery kit
  • CB Radio - yes, it's pretty much a must if you hit the trails with a group
  • Auxiliary Lights: Hella and IPF are rather popular with Rovers

The list can go on and on, really, but that's what how I've been going about mine. With the above setup, you'll get your nice set-up that will allow you to hit some pretty good trails, but will not mess up your truck for every-day driving.

I'd say forget the "nerf bars" and front "brush guard". Anything other that fire roads will beat those things to ****. In some cases they'll cause more damage. Also, I'd suggest doing your shopping on-line, stuff adds up real quick, and you'll find yourself spending $300 here, $500 there, $800 somewhere else every few weeks, then your wife starts to bitch about all the UPS boxes waiting for you at the door :eek:

Anyways, good luck with your upgrades.

Also, to save yourself some time looking for good on-line retailers, check out the "Vendors" section under the "Resources" on
And finally, has some good write-ups under the "How To?" section, dealing with D2 about upgrades, wheel/tire questions, etc.
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