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Heres the pump

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Pretty sure its not supposed to look like this...
Anyone know where to get them cheap?
I jumped the pump to make sure the pump was pumping, and it pumped a few seconds then quit, and the leads got really hot, so i stopped and pulled the sender assy....
Number on the pump is 25165432.....
Some chatter says theres cheap replacement that crosses with an ac pump and its an Austraian Holden Commodore?
Any thoughts?


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WOW is that pump TOAST!

If you want the "cheap replacement" pump, you already have one in your '96 Impala. It's an Airtex E3270, and strainer FS22 like this>> Airtex E3270 Electric Fuel Pump: Automotive

For my time and money, give Trevor(a very good guy to do business with) a call at RovahFarm and get a NEW OE Pump assembly ESR3926 with the sender, Seal NTC5859, Union NRC9770 (X2), Olive NRC9771 (X2), and a Fuel Pump Relay AFU2913L.

RovahFarm for all your new Land Rover Parts and Accessories
All that sounds pretty costly. The Weldron 255 kit was only $68.
Curious tho, why replace the pump relay? Where is it located?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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