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Hi! Been reading here for a while... Now I have a problem/Question? Need help ?

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Hi! Been reading here for a while... Now I have a problem/Question? Need help ?

I have a 2004 Land Rover Discovery. I'm having a problem with the passenger front window...again. I had to have it fixed in July 2012. New motor (electric windows). What I wouldn't give to have manual windows!! In the past 4 years I have replaced everything there is to be repaired! 2 new head gaskets, brakes, sensors, you name it. Anyone know how I might be able to try and repair the window myself? I also need to have my headliner fixed. It's beginning to fall around the front sunroof. Ugh!! I was thinking about trying a spray adhesive. Has anyone tried that?
I would have it repaired but I'm looking to sell it. It looks brand new other then those 2 things so I don't want to put any more money into it than I have to.
I love it! But my son is going to College and he cannot afford the premium gas plus the maintenance it may involve....Being a single Mom it's been tough.
Thank you if you've read this far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!!

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Does the window move at all if it does it most likely is the window regulator a sort of scissor like mechanism that guides the window down , and about the headliner the adhesive would only work for so long due to the fact that the stuff beneath the fabric crumbles and it's just a headache there should be some posts on here about it
As Chafero said, if the window tries to move or makes a very loud grumbling noise when moving then it's likely the lift mechanism that's gone. LR opted to use plastic rollers inside of the metal track and then tend to disintegrate after years of use. It's a fairly cheap part that's easy to replace.

If the windows don't move or make any noise, then it's probably the fuse or the actual switch. My left rear window wouldn't operate and all I had to do was pop the switch out of the console, take it apart, clean the contacts with some sandpaper and reassemble it with some petroleum jelly and it was as good as new. Still working 2 years later.

Headliner's not so easy. The spray adhesive just won't work, the foam below the fabric turns to dust so no adhesive will hold to it. The whole thing has to be pulled and recovered. Removal is easy, and reupholstery isn't terribly complicated, but I'm sure if you look around for local deals you can find a shop that'll do they whole thing for $200-$300 or less. My headliner was replaced professionally shortly before I bought my truck and it's holding strong 3 years out.

Having been a broke college student not too long ago, I have to agree with your reasoning that a D2 isn't the best college vehicle. It's safe and incredibly practical for a college lifestyle, but $85 fill ups and expensive maintenance (tires can easily run $1000) put them past the budget of most students. I'd fix up what you can, sell it, and purchase a 10 year old Honda to replace it.
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