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sometimes strange things happen
Welcome from the other side of the pond. Enjoyed my time in Paris and surrounding area when working at CDG for several months. Don't recall seeing many vehicles of that size in 1999. D2s are fine machines and do like to act up occasionally. Enjoy and good luck.

If you do your own work there are manuals available to download f not done so already.
You can go here:
land rover service factory manual RAVE download land rover resource, service manual, workshop factory manual, download, rave, vehicles including discovery, series, defender, range rover, freelander, LR3, Handbooks, Catalog, Catalogue, Land Rover Inte
Save the zip file from link that looks like this:
Land Rover Rave Service Manual large file warning 590MB
Takes awhile to download. PDF "rave-lr" is in there and probably all you need. Save/Move on your drive where your other manuals reside. Open up, go to your vehicle type and you should be able to find the manuals you may desire.
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