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Hi all, my name is Marc and I am new to the forum but not Landys or RR's

I apologize, I posted my first thread, a Rover for sale, before introducing myself. Please forgive me.

I grew up with Land Rovers my whole life. I have driven the 99 Range that I need to sell for about 8 years now. My dad has a 94 Defender 90 5spd that has over half a million miles, his workhorse in Colorado. My family only trusts Rovers for Colorado's dangerous and unpredictable driving conditions.

I live in Norcal now and will be going to Grad school this fall, hence why I need to sell my beloved, but tired Rover. I raced shifter karts for many years across the country, always showing up to the track in a Landy!

I do tend to keep my eye on this forum after I sell my RR and move for school, I am always interested in Rovers!

Sincerely, Marc
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