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Hi Ho Hi Ho its back to a Series I go!

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After finally managing to sell my D90, I have bought myself a proper Landrover!

And what a bargain!

It comes with an overdrive,
free wheeling hubs,
12 months MOT,
6 months tax,
good chassis and bulkhead,
a seriousely sweet running 6 cylinder 2.6.
genuine 64K on the clock

My god these sixes are smoooooth and quiet! Theres a couple of things that want looking at-it needs a new side window and a couple of the rear lenses have clouded over and the speedo only seems to work properly when the moon is full, but thats pretty much it. The little seal between the head and the water pump doesn't even leak! (Owners of six pots will know what I'm talking about.) As can be seen from the photos, the bodywork is pretty straight.

And all for the princley sum of 650 quid! (about $1190 for our American freinds)

Well chuffed!

And yes that is me having to jump start my brother in laws broken Jeep!-for the second time this week!
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Series Bargain

Wow, You did well with that one. Looks great. I used to drive the 2.6 s when I was in the police in what was Rhodesia in the 1970's. They ar great. :clap:
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