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high idle 99 disco 1

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I have searched and seen a few threads on this but wanted to get some input, I have a 99 Disco 1 and it has a high idle like close to 2000 rpm on a cold start up, now i can drive in highway speed for about 30 min or so and turn it off then back on and it will idle below 1000 like about 800 rpm,. a little background here i just replaced the intake gasket and all the o-rings on the injectors. what could be causing me to have a high idle? a vacuum leak? im wondering if i have a vacuum leak on the intake manifold or on the plenum or plenum cover. and would this cause these symptoms? as it seems to dissapear after warm up. it has new pugs new wires as well and a new fuel pump. any ideas would be great,, thanks guys,
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is there more than one temp sensor for coolant? and the air temp sensor can you clean them or is that just replace type deal, im leaning twards a vacuum leak only because the issue seems to go away or at least run at 800 rpm or so when the engine is up to temp.
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