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High perfomance questions

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HI, I,m currently working on a 1999 4.6 Range Rover with the bosch engine management system. Looking for a company that supplies a supercharger for this vehicle. Found one at "chariots of fire" but they want the vehicle shipped to them for the work. Right now we are doing a computer upgrade from power chip group and a twin tip borla exhaust system. Also a k&n air filter, but would like a cold air induction system if any one knows of one. Thanks for any help that can be provided.
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Why is RR so slow?

There is a very good reason RR's are so slow. It's a design feature!

British engineers were very taken by the reports that it takes 4 days to drive across the United States.

So they got in their beloved rovers and started an expedition from Cardiff to London. To their dismay and suprise they found it only took 1/2 a day.

This of course truely insulted British sensativities. I mean how dare those insolent farmers take longer to drive across their 3rd rate potato patch that it takes us Royal monarchs of the world to drive across our magnificent jewel of a country. Clearly the Americans were cheating some how!

And of course the British Engineers immediately saw through the "plot" of those bothersome colonialists. So they did the same thing that the American engineers were doing - they detuned and slowed down the cars, and since they are clearly the better engineers - they trumped the americans by adding in 1 more important design feature -

Lucas Electrics - That assures that a trip across Britain often takes several days!!

Problem solved - bully for you

Carl "spent to much time around engineers lately" Johansson
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