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Hitch Quandary: What would you do?

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Ok just dropped my 3 off to have it tinted and the same guys do hitches. We all know the hitch situation with these trucks. Use the old field plow or whatever and get ripped for 400-700 bucks on the that OEM part or buy the British Atlantic copy of the part and spend half or so. Then there is the Curt that is strong and looks clean. Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" Curt Trailer Hitch 13456

However with the Curt and all from what I have found with the bold on hitches is you cant run a full size spare. I have a full size spare.

My Quandary:
British Atlantic Copy: Good Price, Hangs too low is bad news for guys who pull trailers off pavement like me, has to bold on and bolt off for use or you can leave it on all the time and have your hitch hatch off open and ugly on the back. Yes I hate say asthetics but that is important me and that hole in the rear and that low hanging hitch is ugly. Period.

I want the Curt but I am not going to take off a full size spare for a donut spare to accomplish that. Or should I?

I wont be putting a rear swinging spare tire or moving it to the roof. So what do I do?
What do you guys think??

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Ok just spoke to Atlantic British and you can put the molding back on but the wiring port is behind the panel which causes a whole other situation. Still not sure what part to go with.

As annoying as it is, I vote for the stock hitch. It's expensive and quirky but then again you bought an expensive and quirky vehicle :) I like how clean the hitch is and if you are into asthetics, you can't beat taking the hitch off and not even knowing anything is there. Might find one on ebay or on a forum that someone will sell.

Come to think of it, I might have an extra receiver that came with my wifes Sport and we def. don't need 2 of them since I don't tow anything right now.
Eniam if you have the factory hitch I would surely be interested. The Atlantic British part is much more cost effective for me and hangs shorter than the factory. However the factory part is stronger and towes more. If you can make it a good scenario for me I would be interested man thanks! Let me know.
suggest you try this link

Try this link on eBay UK.

I purchased one myself last month - probably worked out to $250 delivered - depends on the bidding - there seems to be a number available so control your bidding - get it next time so to speak.

The one I received seemed to be as advertised; brand new, appeared never used, genuine, and generally in OK condition but no LR box.

Delivery to Western Canada took less than a week - you could have it by Wednesday.

Land Rover Tow Bar Trailer Hitch Receiver Quick Release Discovery 3 4 Range NEW | eBay
unfortunately I was wrong. I could have sworn there was one under the carpet in the back along with the jack but I only have one. Sorry about that. I did find two sets of headphones for the rear entertainment (which we have never used) if anyone is interested :)
Haha no worries. I'll look into ebay.
+1 on bbyers recommendation, you can't beat that really.
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