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Horn button?

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So the place that's shipping my Rover to me, says they can either delay the shipping and fix the horn button or just send me the part and ship the disco as planned.

What would you guys do? Is there much to replacing a horn button?
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Four plastic prongs on the button have to be pressed into place on the horn. The problem is Land Rover doesn't sell just the button. They only sell the complete assembly. To install it you need to remove the airbag. None of this is very difficult but if you're not very handy and don't have good, long torx sockets to remove the airbag, it can be.

Now, of course, they may go on eBay and get an aftermarket horn button for a few bucks but it may not match. I've had a truck come in for parting that had the original button on one side and an aftermarket one on the other.


Land Rover Discovery 2 Series II Horn Switch Button Cover Cap New Design | eBay


Land Rover Discovery 2 Series II Horn Switch Button Cover Wiring Assembly New | eBay
You don't have to buy any after market eBay has the original ones that you can clip in but be very gentle with them and the springs are also included , removing airbags is absurd and ridiculous not the way to go
Wow, what did you just list those? They've been on eBay for under 2 hours!

If he can either convince the shop that broke his horn to buy those or buy them himselfe and send a bill then, without a doubt, that's the way to go.

As far as removing the air bag is concerned, it is the only way to install the horn assembly and Land Rover ONLY sells the complete horn assembly. They don't sell just a button.
No I didn't post them but I have some that I took off a junker they clip in but one clip is broken but they pop up every once in a while I wouldn't mine taking 10 bucks shipped with springs will send pic if needed

And they're gone already. I haven't heard back from the seller yet. I'll have to see what they want to do in the morning.

Thanks for the info!
There's someone auctioning off a pair of genuine buttons on eBay and there are six days left with bidding currently at $25.

Land Rover Discovery 99 04 Set of Horn Button Caps Genuine OEM | eBay

Someone has just the left button for $32.50 plus shipping.

Horn Button Land Rover Discovery 2 II 99 04 Steering Wheel Mount Left LH | eBay

Another seller is offering just the two buttons for $52.50.

1999 04 Land Rover Discovery I ll Horn Buttons Steering Wheel Set of 2 | eBay

Finally, someone is selling the complete assembly for less than just the two buttons auctioned off above.

Land Rover Discovery 2 II 99 04 Horn Button Set Pair | eBay
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Be careful on those ones in the assembly it's about a 75% chance you will take them out and find out you have broken one of the clips
Thanks for the links. They tell me they are sending the button and that its all it needs....We'll see. Rover is scheduled to be here on Tuesday so we'll see.
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