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Current situation: I've had to put my 98 Disco back into full time service, as my son is using my daily driver until his car is fixed.

The Disco will run hot (the dash gauge starts climbing) when going up a hill or when running the AC. The electric fan is working. Turning on the heater helps with this.

If I don't run the air, all is well as long as I"m moving. I just completed a highway trip of 200 miles with no problem. However, if it is allowed to idle for a while and I turn the car off, it WILL NOT START until it cools off. It turns over, just never hits.

I have a code 0340.

I have replaced:
Camshaft position sensor
Crankshaft position sensor
Fuel Temperature Sensor

I also tried insulating the crankshaft position sensor wire, as I read that can sometimes cause issues.

Nothing has worked.
What would you try next?
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