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Some serious relationship stress has caused me to do something I said I would not do.

I have the used parts that one might collect after 15 years of running a Rover shop and it's time for some of it to go, and most of the bigger stuff.

The bigger stuff:
I have "some" mostly complete RRC, a few that are kinda rough, a few that would probably drive with a battery, good fuel and tap on the starter. I should have titles for all of the RRC.

There are some Discos back behind the barn. One has a pretty beat-up body and scrambled lower end bearings. Titled

I have a '99 DI cranberry, no sunroofs, crunch at front of left rear wheel well. It's pretty rusty but it's a runner/driver with title.

Multiple RRC/DI frames all in pretty good shape.

A PILE of RRC/DI/Series axle housings. Some are complete, some are just housings.

A pile of ZF HP22s and a few HP24a

Some interior parts, some body panels, some glass from RRCs/DIs/DII/P38s.

There are some complete 3.9 and maybe the odd 3.5 as well.

At this point, I am not expecting to divest myself of any of the shop equipment, tools, or machinery.

Please contact me via email at [email protected] or via text at 260-804-0458

I have a roll-off bin on its way, I'm serious this time boys.
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