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How do I increase the interior lighting??

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So, any ideas?? Dont get me wrong, there is enough light from the lights would just be nice to somehow install an individual light for the passenger and driver. On long trips it would be nice to be able to see when the pass. is looking at maps and I would just like more light to be able to use myself.

Any ideas/suggestions/pictures would be nice!
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i find the vanity mirrors extremely badly lit, my wife has to open up the cover, AND turn on the over head light, and at night its still hard to see
I agree....I want it to be like daylight inside the rover at nighttime when I flick the about something like this;

Found this one company; Dialight....LED and bulb lighting for coach buses and semi trucks.....good stuff looks like.

Here is another.....used for signals, but if you get it in clear...but ouch, these are pricy;
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Hella flex neck reading / map light that plugs into cigar lighter, can stay there permanently and has its own switch, look semi-factory. I agree on the lighting issue. P38a RR has separate front lamps, but they are way too dim.
^^ ditto Those Hella map lamps rock. If you find some place dismantling ex police cars, there's a version made for those that has a smaller head and has a brighter lamp in it. I got three for $30 from a cop car junkyard several years ago.
I have looked at the map lights and have to say I dont like the idea of adding more dangling things to my dash. I have enough crap in the way with my ipod hooked to everything.....any more would be over the top. Plus it would be nice to have something longer the 14".....comming from the ceiling would be nice.....something real factory looking, built into the headliner with a switch for driver and one for passenger...
look online for interior lamps for conversion vans and RV's. LOTS of options, including aircraft style 'eyeball' lamps.
will do, the "eyeball" lamps are what I really wanted....
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