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How do I restore fender flares and such to black?

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I fear in my enthusiasm to polish my truck (DII) I've gotten some of the wax on the fender flares and other normally black bits of plastic. I've tried armorall but the white comes back in short order. Is there something that will remove the wax? The flares are somewhat textured so I guess I'd need a brush of some kind.

Greg H
'99 DII
'68 IIa (no wax needed)
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Get your self some wax and grease remover they usually use this when painting a car then you could try armall again or some good quality tyre black just remember to mask off the area

Adam :beer:
Back to black

When I had a body shop we used a spray called "Back to Black", avalible at most accessory shops.
Failing that have a chat to your local body repair shop, they might just let you have some.

Believe it or not, peanut butter will do the trick - that, or a pink eraser. Either will pull the wax out of the plastic, which is what you want to do. Back to Black is a great product for restoring sun-faded trim pieces but it will only stain the wax deposit, not remove it.
Fender flares, repairs

Hello. I'm new to the Forums but I have a lot of experience with treating
black surfaces on vehicles. There are oodles of treatments like Back to Black
and Forever Black, etc., but the only solution I have found that really FIXES
the problem, rather than putting a BandAid on it, is to repaint the part.
That sounds scary but is really VERY easy.
1) Scrub the part with detergent and hot water.
2) Once dry, very carefully mask off all the shiny bits.
3) Apply a light coat of black flexible bumper paint.
4) Allow to dry/cure and remove masking.
5) Maintain, as required, with the BandAid products ...although I have never
needed them.

SEM makes a good product as does PlastiCoat and others. You can test
the finish on any old spart bit you have around ...including a Coke can. If
the sheen is acceptable, go straight to step (1).

Why am I writing this? Because I am about to do this to all the plastic/rubber
parts on my '96 Discovery; Bumper-covers, bumper ends, license plate light,
door handles, wiper blades, etc..


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So far, I have refinished only the license plate light / rear door handle assembly but it looks great! Am using the SEM (brand) of rubber bumper coater. The finish is a soft sheen and the color is jet black. Agrees with my black paint. The washed out gray plastic looks terrible next to the glossy black. Will take pictures this weekend if anyone is interested. Starting to snow here! Yeeehaaa.

Let us know how its going, and post some pics! I my black '97 RR could use a bit more black on the various bumpers and door handles. They currently look a bit greyish.

try the peanut butter wax. it works =)

make sure you dont buy chunky either!
Three words

Meguiars quick detail

It will keep your whole ride looking good and it will take the wax off the Black plastic.

I have just completed refinishing the front bumper. The right front corner is still a little gray where my paint coverage was poor. After taking this picture I went back and resprayed it. BTW, the orange "LAND ROVER" on the bonnet is a left-over from my daughter's time at Oklahoma State. One paycheck from now, the lettering will be back silver-gray. :-]



CoachDitka said:

Let us know how its going, and post some pics! I my black '97 RR could use a bit more black on the various bumpers and door handles. They currently look a bit greyish.

wax is a non polorized compound... any thing that contains water or alcohol will not remove the reminder of wax that is turning white...
simple chemistry..
polar compounds dissolve in polar compounds..
nad non polar ones in non polar...
so what u can do is just warm that part up wit a hairdryer and soray some WD-40 on it,or diesel or petrol...(gasoline)
and make sure the drier is off when u put the fuls to the are.....
Hey Rick, I don't think your links working.
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