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How do I test the radio antennae boosters my radio reception is terrible!

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I just bought a LR disco 2 and the radio reception is terrible. Long story short, I bought a new head unit thinking it was the head unit that was lacking... The new radio is doing the same thing. I removed the trim around the back windows and found the little blue box at the top of the window that is apparently the booster for the antennae? There is power getting to them via a flat plug and then theres the coax which I believe is the antennae itself. A person on another rover site said he connected regular old speaker wire to the system before the button plug on the window and had a great improvement! I tried hooking up to the buttons, the flat plugs and the coax all with NO affect... I'm guess these blue booster boxes are bad? Is there anything I can do to help out the reception of this terrible stereo system set up?


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Are both the button snaps attached? I just had to solder one back onto the window. Don't forget, when you fit an aftermarket stereo, you're only using one of the two antennas. The stock radio has a superior "diversity" setup.

When I installed my aftermarket stereo, I did look for an adapter that would allow me to plug the two antennas into one jack. No luck.
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