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How much is it worth?

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Hi peeps. I was just wandering how much my old 2.5 Petrol engine in my 1985 90 is worth? I've had an offer of £600 for the engine and the LPG kit that is currently working on it.

The engine has done about 120,000 miles and runs very smoothly still and one condition of the price would be that I fit (with his help) the LPG kit once the engine is transplanted.

Is this a good deal? The LPG kit is about a year old and cost me £450.


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Snap his bloody hand off !! I have had a belting 2.5 pet for sale for months just got rid of it for 80 quid due to lack of interest, in reality the arent worth anything,the economy of a v8 with only half the power,a reliable lump but not much call for them now
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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