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How The Heck Do I Put It In And Take It Out Of 4wd

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98 Disco Lse, Just Bought It, Love It, No Owners Manual, Still Trying To Fiqure Out All The Bells And Whistles, Can Someone Explain The Operation Of Getting It Into 4wd And Then Out Of 4wd. Thanks!
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01001010 said:
You can make it two wheel drive if you remove either of the prop-shafts as well...incase you ever needed to make a repair to something. in the Drivetrain.
Ok, mine is always in 2, I always thought it was a weird British thing. But its always supposed to be 4? :confused What do I need to do to put mine back to normal?
Thats really weird, My brother and I were confused too. But all the diff locks work, I have used them. And before I bought it I had a mech who workd for the govetrnment look at the rover from top to bottum.

I worried.
My brother and I kept peeling out in my drive and only the front tires would spin.
Oh, now I am calm. I was getting goose bumps and a cold sweat. Thanks dude, your awesome :buttrock:!!! Land Rovers are a new thing for me. I am used to working on VW Wolfsberg Camper Vans.
1 - 4 of 44 Posts
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