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I opened the hood to check the auto trans fluid on my 99' Series II and couldn't find the dipstick. Is there a way to check the fluid level? I'm finding out they changed quite a few things from the Series I Disco and the Series II.

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This is from Rave...........
9. Fill gearbox with recommended oil to bottom of
oil level/filler plug hole.
10. Select 'P' (Park).
11. Ensure handbrake is applied.
12. Start engine and allow it to idle.
13. Apply footbrake.
14. Move selector lever through all gear positions,
while continuing to fill the gearbox. Select 'P'
15. With engine idling, continue filling gearbox until
a 2 mm bead of oil runs from oil filler/level plug
16. Fit new sealing washer to automatic gearbox
filler/level plug, fit plug and tighten to 30 Nm
(22 l b f . f t ) .
17. Stop engine.
18. Remove all traces of oil from gearbox casing.
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