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Hi Eric. Getting the wires into your front doors is quite easy. You need to take off the door trim. Undo the door opener on the inside of the door, and door handle. Gently pry off the door trim with a long screw driver or flat piece of metal (there is a special tool for doing this). Be gentle as the door trim is held on with a number of plastic press studs. Once the door trim is off, gently peel the plastic weather sheet away but only enough to get to where you want to go inside the door. With the door open, you will notice near the door hinges a rubber tub going into the door. Take off the kick panel next to the footwell and you can run your wires from there, through the rubber tub into the door. You can pull the rubber tub out to make threading the wires through easier.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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