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How to hook up auxiliary lights?

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I want to hook up some auxiliry lights to my brush bar! I use to have a 97 VW Jetta and they all came pre wired so all a person had to do was buy the part and plug it in. Does the 04 Disco have the same thing? Is it hard to put in lights? Can I hook the auxiliry lights to my fog lights so I do not have to add anouther switch inside the cab? Should I buy the wirring kit from the stealership or use the wires that come with the lights? The lights I want to add are some KC's. I want them more for extra fog lights. Sorry for the all the bumb questions. I am an aircraft mechanic not an electrician
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you're best off not too add the lights to the fog lamp switch as you might want the fog lamps on only. not too sure about the 04's or where you're going to add them but if you're thinking of adding them to the bush/ bull bar you'll need to wire it. get a switch to add to the cluster under your clock as you should have a spare slot. as for the wires, get the wiring harness from the light manufacturer i think is your best bet. why KC's and not hellas? past experince is that hellas are far better than the KC's. but that's just my opinion
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I am tring to keep things under control. I have to think about how much it cost compared to the use I will get out of them. That is why I am looking for a hand winch insted of a Warn winch.
If you want to keep all stock with "safari" lights, you got to buy the secondary lighting kit from the dealer in order to install lights on your brush bar.It comes with all the wiring needed, plus instructions.They even come with another dash binnacle switch with a "2" in it, in order to replace one of the "blank' ones.They pop-up from time to time on e-bay with the lights included too.
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